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Thunderstorm Over Colored Mounds


Thunderstorm Over Colored Mounds

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Archival pigment print

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South Dakota, 2017

There are times when staying in bed makes the most sense, especially during an onslaught of thunderstorms after a full day of hiking. Then you look out the window and see a promising break in the clouds an hour before sunset, rush with your gear into the car, and gasp as you chase a rainbow hanging on to the last drips of light at the horizon.

If only the light and clouds will hold until I get there...

The colored mounds region of Badlands National Park is famous for the otherworldly sediment hues that appear richly saturated after a rainstorm. I had scouted the area the day before and knew I had to get there— now. Daylight was vanishing. I had no idea if the rainbow I wildly chased into the park would all of a sudden disappear before I arrived at the colored mounds.

And there it was, centerstage.

Wow. Beautiful serendipity.